Terms and Agreements

Cleaning Company Merton

In the following terms and conditions, we, us, and cleaner refers to the staff at Star Cleaners Merton. The terms clients refer to the customers. These terms and conditions are a representation of a contract between our cleaning company and our clients. Clients must adhere to these terms and conditions. We cannot perform any services for any client until they fully agree to all of the terms of service and conditions included in the contract.

Clients must agree to follow all terms and conditions prior to signing up for services. Clients agree to all costs and fees that we charge. These terms may be verified with or without warning to the client. Service fees may apply when using our services. Client agrees to allow our cleaning staff into their residence or commercial building. We have the power to increase our cleaning prices at any time without any written or verbal warning to customers. We have the right to change the terms of this contract.

All of our employees undergo full background checks. There is a strict no refund policy. There is also a strict minimum and maximum time limit with the services provided by our staffs. Fees may apply for appointments that are not canceled within forty eight to twenty four hours. There also may be fees that apply for canceling contracts made with our cleaners. Late cancellation fees may also apply.

Star Cleaners Merton reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time that we deem necessary. We are fully insured, but only will deal with valid claims. We will takes full responsibility of any damage that occurs if caused by our employees. Clients are responsible for all legal fees should any insurance claims be settled in court.

For further concerns and questions regarding our terms, cleaning services and others, you can contact our cleaning company on 020 3095 8264.

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